Requesting a video from a camera

Sometimes, you might want a video that is not in your Event List. With Video on Demand, you can search a camera for a video. If the video is still on the camera's SD card, you can upload the video to your Event List in Reveal.

Requesting videos

To request a video, follow these steps:

On the Video Event List page, choose REQUEST VIDEO

To select a vehicle, open the Vehicle list and select the vehicle. A message confirms the time and date of the earliest available recording.

Select a date and time and click NEXT. The video timeline displays. Search for vehicle

To open the video preview page, in the Timeline, drag the video until the required footage is with the selector, then choose PREVIEW VIDEO.

Note: To view a preview, the vehicle must be in cellular range with the ignition turned on. A message on the Timeline tells you if the vehicle was inactive during the selected time range, or if there is no video footage available.

video timeline

To preview the selected time range, click Play.

To adjust the time range, in the Timeline, drag the video footage so that the required video clip displays within the selector.

Note: It can take about 30 seconds for the snapshots to load. Timeline

When you have chosen a time range, click GET VIDEO.

When the video is ready, you will receive an email notification, an alert in Reveal and a push notification to your mobile device. The video appears in the Event List with the Requested tag.