Viewing your Logs

Viewing your logs, navigating the tabs, downloading a PDF version of the log and sending it to the FMCSA by email.


Viewing Your Logs

The Status Log screen allows you to view DOT mandatory information. You can view the last six months of logs.

To view your log, select Logs in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen. You will see the following screen:

To change the date displayed, select the calendar icon and choose a date.

The Status Log screen displays a summary of your current totals and other relevant information. To close the summary, select the chevron icon shown below. 

Graph Tab

The Graph tab displays a 24-hour timeline of your activity on a single date. This graph is set in your time zone and runs from midnight to midnight.

Read the graph from left to right to view your status at a given time, and to see the duration of that status. The vertical axis tracks the different statuses. The horizontal axis tracks time.

The graph below shows the following statuses and times

·        OF       00:00 – 04:00

·        DR       04:00 – 06:00

·        ON      06:00 – 10:00

·        OF       10:00 – 12:10

·        DR       12:10 – 06:30

·        ON       06:30 – 00:00


Events & Stops Tab

The Events & Stops tab lists the time and location at which each status in the 24-hour log period occurred. Expand an item using the icon at the end of the line, to display the following information:

·        Comments

·        Vehicle

·        Shipping reference

·        Trailer number

·        Co-driver

Driver Tab

The Driver tab displays the driver details for the 24-hour log period, including the driver name, license number, vehicle information, and commodity being hauled.


Editing Driving time

The only times you can only edit a Driving (DR) event log are when it is Off Duty - Personal Use or On Duty - Yard Moves.

If you try to make a change that results in an HOS violation, the app warns you. However, the app does not prevent you from making the change.

If you edit a log that has been certified, you must certify the log again.


Editing Non-Driving time

You can edit non-driving time logs from the Events & Stops tab:

  1.      Select the chevron icon beside the event.

2.      Select Edit Event.

3.      Change the details as required.

4.      Select Save.


Download Logs as PDF

  1.      On the Status Log screen, select download icon

2.      Select Printer friendly version (PDF).

3.      Save the PDF to your device.

Send Logs to FMCSA by Email

1.      Select download icon

2.      Select Send Logs to FMCSA.

3.      Enter a comment.

4.      By default, the app sends by web transfer. If you want to do this, select Send.

5.      To send logs by email, select More Options, select Send Via Email, then select Send.