Managing alerts

Managing alerts, admin proposals, unidentified miles, warnings and violations, certifications.


On the Dashboard, Alerts display at the bottom of the screen.

In addition, in the app header the Alerts icon notifies you of alerts. Tap the icon to view a list of alerts.

There are four types of alert:

·        Admin proposals

·        Unidentified miles

·        Warnings and violations

·        Certifications

The app also alerts you when it passes or fails a diagnostic check.

When you close an alert on Android, the app returns to the Dashboard.

Admin Proposals

Admin proposals warn you about changes to your logs proposed by the admin/dispatcher. You can accept or reject the proposed change. If you accept a change, the change is made to your log. You must then re-certify that log.

Unidentified Miles

Unidentified mile alerts warn you about unidentified miles that are associated with your vehicle. You can accept or reject the assignment of those miles to your log.

Warnings and Violations

Warning and violation alerts warn you when you are close to violating or are in violation of HOS rules.

Amber alerts warn you that you are approaching a violation. Red alerts warn you that you are in violation. The alert text provides specific detail about the violation.

To close the alert, select 'X"  to Close. You can also choose not to be notified of similar alerts in the future.


For more information, see Certifying Logs article.