Certifying Logs

Certifying logs, viewing uncertified logs, certifying a log from alerts and re-certifying logs.


Certify a log from the Status Log screen

On the Status Log screen, you can view and certify the previous six months of logs. 

1.      In the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, select Logs. You will see this screen:

2.     The yellow Certify button appears only for dates that are uncertified or that you have edited. To change the displayed date, select the calendar icon:

3.      Select the date you want to view.

4.      If that date has uncertified logs, select Certify.

5.      In the Certify [Date] box, enter a comment.

6.      Select Agree.

7.      In the confirmation box, select OK.

After certifying a log, the yellow Certify button disappears and the green status Certified displays.

If you have uncertified logs, the dates with the uncertified logs are indicated on the calendar in red:

View uncertified logs and certify logs from alerts

The app alerts you to uncertified logs. To view these logs:

  1.      In the app header, select the alerts icon:

2.      Select UNCERTIFIED LOGS.

A list of uncertified logs will be displayed:

3.      To certify a log, select Sign Log.

4.      In the Certify [Date] box, enter a comment.

5.      Select Agree.

6.      In the confirmation box, select OK.

Note: To review a log before certifying it, select Review Log in the list of uncertified logs. The app brings you to the Status Log screen.

Re-certify a Log

If you change a log, you must re-certify it.

You re-certify a log in the same way that you certify a log. However, you must enter a comment when you re-certify a log.