Adding and editing a status in Logs

Add a status to a log from a previous day, or edit a log from a previous day.

You can edit or add a status for Off-Duty (OF), On-Duty (ON) or Sleeper Berth (SB) events, as long as it does not overlap with an existing Driving (DR) status. 

The only times you can only edit a Driving (DR) event log are when it is Off Duty - Personal Use or On Duty - Yard Moves. This is per FMCSA guidelines.

Note: Once you add a status, you cannot delete it or change the start time. 

Add a status

  1. In the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen, select Logs. You will see the Status Log screen. Select the correct date for which you want to view a log. The Graph will show you the various statuses and the hours spent in those statuses for that date. From the information shown on the Graph, you will see when you can add or edit a status. It must be outside of Driving time.  

(See Viewing your Logs for more on how to read the graph).

  1. Select Events & Stops.

  2. Select Add to create a new status in the log for a day. If you have logs for that day, you will see Add/Edit on the button label. 

4. Select Add New Status.

5. Choose a start time for the event, check that each field has the correct information for the new status, fill in any empty fields and select Save at the bottom to add a new status. 

6. If you create a status that causes a violation in your Hours of Service, you will receive a warning.  You must decide if you want to accept or reject the violation.  If you accept the violation, you must edit your statuses (see below), or add new statuses, until you are no longer in violation. If you reject the violation, the new status or edit will not be saved. 


Edit a status

1.    To edit a status, select Edit on the particular status that you want to edit.

2. You cannot edit the start time in a status. You can edit all the other fields. Check that each field has the correct information for the new status and select Save at the bottom.  3. If you do need to edit the start time you should add a status for the time you would like it to start or reach out to your Admin to propose this change to you. (For example, if you have an Off Duty status at 10 AM that you would like to change to 9:30 AM you can add an Off Duty status at 9:30 AM).