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Ford Telematics Law Enforcement

The leading killer of U.S. law enforcement officers isn’t guns. It’s police car crashes and other vehicular incidents. Ford Telematics Law Enforcement Edition is the only telematics solution developed expressly to meet the needs of law enforcement: to save lives through safer driving, deliver police fleet efficiency and offer built-in multi-layer security provisions to protect law enforcement agencies and those who serve.

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A Solution that's Built for Law Enforcement

Ford Telematics Law Enforcement Edition uniquely empowers you to effectively manage your patrol fleet with real-time insights into everything from vehicle health and performance to driver behavior and scorecards.

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driver coaching

Use fact-based driver scorecards to identify trends and encourage safer driving behavior. Monitor progress using comprehensive feedback and reporting tools.

Context that

See a contextual view of lightbar activation, acceleration, seat belt usage, braking, speed, location, traction control, engine torque and more.

you need

Ford Telematics Law Enforcement Edition has multi-level data security provisions to safeguard sensitive information such as vehicle location and vehicle data.

that's proactive

Rich diagnostic data keeps managers aware of potential maintenance issues for less downtime and reduced costs.

Progress reports
that make it easy

Real-time data measures progress in safety, savings and efficiency. Reports are valuable for event debriefing, cost analysis and trend spotting.

Fast mapping

High-performance, web-based maps allow you to get an overview of all vehicles and drill down to a single vehicle in seconds.

Ford Telematics can be ordered with the Ford Police Interceptor and bundled into the price. This includes the first year’s subscription, a Ford Limited Warranty and zero vehicle downtime.

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Why are vehicle accidents the number one cause of officer deaths? More importantly, what can you do to reduce them? Read more about the solution tipped as the next ‘bulletproof vest’ for drivers.

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