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Add value to every sale.

It's not always easy to make a sale
but it's easy to add Ford Telematics™ when you do.

Additional Profits & Revenue.

Earn additional gross profits on commercial sales and added service revenue for installation of Ford Telematics on stock and after-market units.

Trust Ford. Trust Ford Telematics.

Ford Telematics is backed by the same 36-month warranty that comes with all Ford commercial vehicles and built to provide rich diagnostic data no other system can.

Satisfied Customers Come Back.

Better safety, fewer miles, less fuel, reduced premiums, shorter routes and smarter resource allocations produce the ROI that generates repeat sales.

Proactive Customer Service.

Deliver amazing service by preempting customer needs. Connected maintenance will automatically email you when a fleet vehicle triggers a trouble code or requires servicing.

How to make a customer happy (in 2 minutes)

Know more. Sell more.

This 2-page brochure provides you with a comprehensive overview of the Ford Telematics solution: what it is, how it works and why your customers will love it. Download the brochure to read what an independent study said a typical fleet could save on its operational costs.

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FordPros – Ford Telematics Edition

Read what FordPros magazine had to say about the next-generation fleet management software for Ford owners. Learn why this is a big deal for the future of Ford's commercial vehicles and just how much potential for growth there is in the telematics market.

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“When you start saving 20, 30, 40 dollars a day per truck, and you have 100 trucks, that’s a lot of money. It doesn’t take much to sell this product. It sells itself.

Ford Telematics is the next step in value and service for my clients.”

Tom Solomon, Commercial Account Manager
Phil Long Ford, Denver CO.


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