Verizon Connect Analysis Reveals Data-Driven Fleets Experience Reduced Speeding, Idling and Harsh Driving

Analysis of customer vehicles provides useful benchmarks to help service-based businesses drive success.

ATLANTA, Oct. 9, 2018 - Companies that actively measure fleet performance can see improvements in driver behavior that can help improve efficiency, profitability and safety – particularly when it comes to speeding, idling and harsh driving. New analysis of data from more than 27,000 connected commercial vehicles in the United States by Verizon Connect in the 2018 Fleet Connections The Data Driven Fleet Report shows companies that view reports on driver behavior achieve the following improvements up to:

  • Speeding reduction: 71 percent increase in miles driven without a speeding alert in the first month and 153 percent increase in the second month
  • Idling reduction: 29 percent increase in miles driven per minute of idle time in the first month and a 55 percent increase in the second month
  • Harsh driving reduction: 12 percent increase in miles driven between harsh driving incident alerts in the first month and a 38 percent increase in the second month

"Comprehensive data analysis by our highly qualified data scientists provides benchmarks to help our customers identify key trends in driver behavior which can ultimately improve safety, productivity and efficiency," said Jay Jaffin, chief marketing officer, Verizon Connect. "Managers of successful fleets of all sizes routinely use targeted reports to identify trends, establish benchmarks, coach behavior and examine changes over time to help ensure success. Companies simply cannot afford to ignore the benefits of more frequent reporting to drive better customer service, vehicle uptime and operational efficiency."

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About the research
This research was carried out by the Verizon Connect Data Products Team, a global team of 40 highly qualified data scientists, data engineers and researchers. The findings are based on the analysis of more than 27,000 subscribed vehicles.