Michael Rechenberg, Managing Director

Security and Locksmith Business Increases Revenue by $60,000

Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths is a second-generation family owned business that was established in 1971 in Bundaberg Queensland. They provide locksmith and security services Australia wide with clients predominately from the South East Corner of Queensland through to the NSW boarder. Michael Rechenberg implemented Reveal, a real-time GPS vehicle tracking system, which helped his business improve routing from point A to B and verify employee start and finish times.

The results: increased revenue and enhanced customer satisfaction! Michael Rechenberg, Managing Director of Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths said, “At the very least we are getting 10 - 12 times the return on investment from having Reveal.”

Vehicle tracking pays off with return on investment

In Bundaberg, the travel time between jobs could take an easy five minutes from each location, however, when there are jobs scheduled in Brisbane or near the NSW border the travel time is significantly longer. When jobs are not dispatched to the nearest driver, this can waste fuel and impacts productivity.

Now with Reveal, Rechenberg has a live map to see their entire fleet and which driver is closest to the next job for dispatch. This helps them to be more productive, eliminate, fuel wastage, and plan more efficient routes.

Rechenberg now bills approximately an extra fifteen minutes per day per vehicle on the road, which has contributed to a conservative estimate of 10-12 times the return on their investment. Based on their hourly rate and number of drivers, Rechenberg calculated that if the vehicles were driving more efficiently, scheduling jobs to vehicles that were in close proximity to one another and increasing available billable hours by only 15 minutes – Rechenberg Locksmith & Security would increase their annual revenue by $60,000.00 or more.

Michael said, “With Reveal we’re able to bill an extra 15 minutes per day by being efficient, which is adding around an extra $60,000 a year to our business. In reality we are probably picking up more than 15 minutes so the return on investment is significant.”

A More Efficient Team

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With Reveal GPS vehicle tracking, Rechenberg’s employees’ start and finish times can be verified, which helps to eliminate time sheet discrepancies.

Michael said, “It’s nice to know that everyone is doing what they’re supposed to be doing however, the reduction in labour costs for me has been about the efficiency of my team. We have less employees and they haven’t been replaced which I believe is a testament to the fact that we are now running our fleet more efficiently.” 

Validating Billing with Accurate Data

Rechenberg Security and Locksmith invoices its customers based on time spent on site. There have been occasions where customers have disputed an invoice and questioned the time Rechenberg employees were on site. Without GPS vehicle tracking Rechenberg had difficulty proving the hours they billed for were accurate. 

Now, with GPS vehicle tracking, Rechenberg has access to data to help validate invoices when customers are concerned. Michael said, “We’ve experienced great benefits in the billing side of things. If a customer calls up asking to verify the actual time they spent on site, we can log into Reveal and accurately confirm that time rather than it just being hearsay.” 

Improved Efficiencies and Increased Productivity

Through GPS route optimisation alone, Rechenberg has been able to manage their fleet of vehicles more efficiently by calculating routes that would give them an extra 15 minutes worth of billing time per vehicle per day, adding $60,000 to their business.  Further, having the ability to verify employee start and finish times provides Rechenberg with peace of mind that his team are doing what they’re supposed to be doing and demonstrates, that even with a decrease in head count, through GPS vehicle tracking, he has the technology to help improve efficiencies and increase productivity. 

“I noticed a return on investment within weeks. Being able to see what address our drivers are at before dispatching is the most efficient way to operate,” said Michael Rechenberg, Managing Director of Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths.

*Rechenberg Security & Locksmiths has estimated their return on investment. Individual results will vary.

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