Ben Woods, Owner

Plumbing Business Saves Money on Fuel and Eliminates Time Sheet Fraud with GPS Vehicle Tracking

AJ’s Plumbing is a family owned business based in the Australian Capital Territory. With over 40 years’ combined experience, this 24/7 plumbing business maintains its excellent local reputation by providing their customers with long-term plumbing solutions. With a fleet of 12 vans, controlling their fuel and labour costs was a challenge, which led the plumbing company to implement GPS vehicle tracking with  Reveal.

Fuel Card Abuse Eliminated with $500.00 Worth of Fuel Savings Each Month

AJ’s Plumbing was not aware that fuel card abuse was happening in their business until Reveal's fuel card integration uncovered the truth. Since the fleet management system has been implemented, AJ’s Plumbing has used data to help eliminate fuel card abuse; AJ’s Plumbing estimates that it is saving an average of $500.00 a month.*

“We had a few people who were using the company fuel card for their personal vehicle. We were able to see that the fuel pumped didn’t match up! After comparing it to other vans and we could see they were using the fuel card for their personal vehicles. Since we’ve installed Reveal we average $500.00 savings each month just from fuel card abuse,” said Ben Woods, Owner, AJ’s Plumbing Australia ACT.

No More Side Jobs. No More Material Waste.

Side jobs were a problem with AJ’s Plumbing, as employees would use business materials and the company van for personal jobs and receive cash in hand for it. The money was coming right out of the business owner’s pocket and the business wasn’t getting a return on the material wasted on personal jobs.

“We have noticed a saving as far as fuel goes and also material costs because people aren’t doing jobs on the side for cash in hand. Therefore, there is less material being used in their personal time, which was a 100% loss to us as we didn’t see a return on investment,”* said Woods.

Only Paying For Hours Worked

AJ’s Plumbing became suspicious of employees adding extra time to their time sheets to increase their pay. With employee time card reporting software, AJ’s Plumbing can now verify employee start and finish times - meaning they only pay for hours worked.

This has helped eliminate timesheet abuse.

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“Some people like to put a bit extra on their finish time. We’ve since been able to check their entries with Reveal and put the correct time in,” said Woods.

Accurate Data for Cross Checking Complaints

At times AJ’s Plumbing received complaints from the public about their employees practicing poor driving habits. Without data from a GPS vehicle tracking system, it was impossible to cross check these complaints to identify which employee was driving the vehicle. 

Now with Reveal, AJ’s Plumbing have visibility into their fleet and can view the historical activity of each of their drivers.

“The only way we would know about speeding is if the general public informed us. With the product we can see if the vehicle was actually speeding at a particular time and day. This has allowed us to discipline the person; the facts are there and there is no way around it,” said Woods.

Full Visibility of Entire Fleet Keeps Employees Honest

Since the implementation of Reveal, AJ’s Plumbing has used the data to help eliminate side jobs, time sheet fraud, fuel card abuse, and speeding.  According to Woods, “Having Reveal keeps our employees honest. Everything works really well with Reveal.” 

*AJ’s Plumbing has provided this estimation. Users results will vary.


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