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Earth Moving Business Save $10,000 Monthly on Fuel With Fleet Tracking

As soon as we implemented Verizon Connect REVEAL, our fuel usage dropped, nearly by half.
Paul Bonelli

Bonelli Plant Hire has been successfully operating for more than 35 years in the earth moving and construction industry. Their fleet consists of 46 vehicles including dump trucks, loaders, dozers, utes, bobcats, tip trucks and also excavators ranging from 3.5 tonne through to 45 tonnes.

Paul Bonelli, Director of Bonelli Plant Hire, and his father Mario Bonelli (former Director of Bonelli Plant Hire) would sometimes be on-site for 6-12 months at a time, making it difficult to manage their fleet.

“We would travel regularly, so we weren’t able to keep a close eye on how our business was being managed,” said Paul Bonelli.

They soon implemented Reveal to increase visibility of their vehicles and machines.

Reducing Fuel Wastage

Bonelli Plant Hire would consume an estimated $30,000 of fuel per month; however, the business believed $10,000 of fuel was being wasted.

In order to eliminate fuel wastage, Paul implemented Reveal, a real-time fleet tracking system.

Reveal provided Bonelli Plant Hire with visibility of their entire fleet: their location, when their machines had been engaged and the duration their machines were active. This valuable insight gave Paul the information he needed to reduce costs and increase his revenue. Plus, with Reveal fuel card integration, they soon had access to fuel usage data for further savings.

“As soon as we implemented GPS vehicle tracking our fuel usage dropped, nearly by half.”

Locating Machines Exact Location with Ease

With a large fleet of vehicles operating at varying times and locations, maintaining complete visibility of their fleet in real time was a challenge for Bonelli Plant Hire. It was difficult to pin point their machines exact location if they needed to send a mechanic for repairs or to have the machine returned.

Now with Reveal, Bonelli Plant Hire can view their entire fleet on the live map, which makes locating machines for pick up, or mechanical assistance easier.

“We have drivers spread right across Brisbane so it’s easy to see who’s driving what vehicle and where they are. Before sending a float or a mechanic out to a machine, it’s nice to be able to bring them in to the office and show them exactly where they need to go.”

Reduced Fuel Consumption and Increased Revenue

Since the implementation of Reveal, Bonelli Plant Hire have full visibility of their entire fleet. Their fuel consumption has reduced, saving an estimated $10,000.00 extra worth of fuel per month.

“There are still many more features we haven’t yet used however, we are experiencing great advantages through vehicle servicing, verifying fuel cards and being able to track our vehicles,” said Paul Bonelli, Managing Director, Bonelli Plant Hire.

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